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Kiriman oleh mEGaT pada 28. November 2006 15:52

How to determine if a mirror are 2 way or not (Not a Joke!) Not to scare you, but to make you aware. A policewoman who travels all over the US and gives seminars and techniques for businesswomen passed this on.
When we visit toilets, bathrooms, hotel rooms, changing rooms, etc. How many of you know for sure that the seemingly ordinary mirror hanging on the wall is a real mirror, or actually a 2-way mirror(i.e., they can see you, but you can't see them).
There have been many cases of people installing 2-way mirrors in female changing rooms. It is very difficult to positively identify the surface by just looking at it.
So, how do we determine with any amount of certainty what type of mirror we are looking at? Just conduct this simple test:
Place the tip of your fingernail against the reflective surface and if there is a GAP between your fingernail and the image of the nail, then it is a GENUINE mirror.
However, if your fingernail DIRECTLY TOUCHES the image of your nail, then BEWARE, FOR IT IS A 2-WAY MIRROR!
So remember, every time you see a mirror, do the "fingernail test." It doesn't cost you anything. It is simple to do, and it might save you from getting "visually raped"!
This is a really good thing to do. The reason there is a gap on a real mirror, is because the silver is on the back of the mirror UNDER the glass. As a two-way mirror, the silver is on the surface. Keep it in mind!
Ladies: Share this with your girl friends.
Men: Share this with your wives, daughters and/or girlfriend or friends.

Kiriman oleh MiSz RizHa pada 29. November 2006 22:03

huhu...tkot plak aku..
erm...b'hati2 la...

Kiriman oleh hazarina pada 05. December 2006 23:35

i just know bout it..
kes2 camtu ada lg x kt M'sia..??
suma country dh t'libat ngan kes2 camtu..[/color]

Suntingan oleh hazarina pada 06. December 2006 00:21

Kiriman oleh Fattah pada 06. December 2006 12:39

[color=violet]weh... explain sat...
mls aku nak amik kamus...

Kiriman oleh MiSz RizHa pada 08. December 2006 02:47

m'sia dh jadi ke??

Kiriman oleh Najib pada 10. December 2006 12:46

ada gak kes camtu...
cilanat pny manusia..

Kiriman oleh nurel imann pada 16. December 2006 16:14

x pnah t'pk lak aku.. pnah tngok movie.. cam csi.. kindaichi pon ada kes cmni.. takper, pasni leh wat praktikal! ekekeke..Grin

Kiriman oleh smAshIngpUmpkIns pada 19. December 2006 23:17

what da hell!!!!!!ade gak mngkuk yg wat keja cmni ek

Kiriman oleh MiSz RizHa pada 20. December 2006 23:21

2 la..nak jd pa ntah..
x da keja len ka..
puaskan diri sndiri..
lps 2 org len merana...
mgkok btol...